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Daktacort Cream 15 GM

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FUNGAL CREAM, MICONAZOLE, HYDRO CORTISONEThe name of your medicine is Daktacort 2% / 1% w/w cream. It is called Daktacort cream in this leaflet. Daktacort cream is a medicine which is used to treat inflamed conditions of the skin such as eczema and dermatitis which may be caused by infection with certain fungi and bacteria.

Daktacort cream Uses

Daktacort cream is used for treating skin inflammations. Daktacort is used for providing relief from eczema and dermatitis and other fungi caused skin conditions.


Daktacort cream 15g is beneficial in treating symptoms such as dry skin, rashes and itching of skin.

Side effects

Daktacort cream side effects can be observed in the initial stage of use. Once the skin gets adjusted to the cream, the side effect disappears.

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